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By Tim Henderson


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Apr 13

University Business Parks solar project is sitting at a whopping 680 kW – making Sandbar Solar responsible for the largest solar installation in Santa Cruz County. As of April 13th, 2016 – Sandbar has almost completed University Business Parks solar paneling.

UBP 680kW Showcase 60 seconds from Sandbar Solar & Electric on Vimeo.

The entire installation has over two thousand panels which will offset the utility bill by 99%.

University Business Park – formerly the ‘Wrigley Building’ – is a real estate revival story. William Ow saw Santa Cruz county’s largest commercial building for the ‘white elephant with promise’ that it is today. The original plan was to have the space occupied by local artists and startups. That vision has been carried out and UBP is currently populated with over three dozen businesses. Each of its tenants are thrilled with the space and have an appreciation for William’s vision that stands in line with the Santa Cruz culture.

On that same note of keeping the Santa Cruz culture alive and well – William decided to go green by investing in solar power for the building. By decreasing his carbon footprint, he is also substantially lowering his utility bill and reliance on PG&E – whose consistency in their bill structure is less than stable with bills increasing on average of 6.5% annually.

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