Sandbar’s Response to COVID-19

May 18, 2020

As we navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority.

In light of recent changes to the Santa Cruz County Shelter-in-Place order, Sandbar Solar & Electric is now fully operational with extensive safety measures in place for your protection. Updates to section 12.f.v of the County of Santa Cruz Shelter-in-Place order allow for construction businesses to “resume as long as such activities are conducted consistently with any and all orders issued by the State Public Health Officer. The order provides Construction Site Requirements outlining the specific health and safety measures to be taken at any given construction site.

Sandbar is closely monitoring and following all federal, state, and local guidelines regarding COVID-19. We know regulations vary by state and even county, so we have put together exhaustive protocols to meet all standards.  

Specifically, here are the COVID-19 safety protocols Sandbar has set in place during this time:

We Are Protecting You by Protecting Ourselves

During this time, all our employees are doing the following:

  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks while working;
  • Have access to and use hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes frequently; and
  • When feeling ill, stay home from work and seek appropriate medical attention 

We Are Keeping Our Job Sites Clean 

While working on-site, you can expect that all tools are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between jobs. Even more, each commercial job site has ample hand washing stations to be used frequently by all employees. 

We Have Embraced Social Distancing 

Along with abiding by the 6-foot social distancing guideline, we are taking these additional measures to ensure social distance:

  • We are not going inside homes unless absolutely necessary for site evaluations. If we must enter your home, all Sandbar personnel will wear PPE. 
  • We are utilizing technology to effectively communicate with clients through phone and video calls. In the rare case face-to-face communication is needed, all employees will wear PPE. 
  • We are using DocuSign—an electronic signature software—to electronically view and sign all documents and contracts. 
  • We are making use of aerial imagery which allows us to use high-resolution photos of most roofs without needing to be on-site. 

We Are Here for You Now

Sandbar Solar & Electric is committed to staying open and available to assist you with all your solar and electrical needs during this time. 

In order to provide you with the best and safest service, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and regularly communicate any changes to our procedures as they arise. 

We know these are unique times, and we are here for you. Together we can help ensure you and your family remain safe and healthy while still receiving the services you need. 

Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions regarding our COVID-19 safety protocols. We look forward to serving you.