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By Tim Henderson


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Monterey County had applied for a federal grant to purchase and install solar at their Publics Works Laurel Yard.  They had limited funds and wanted to maximize their solar effectiveness.  Buildings at the location were not ideal for solar, but the employee parking lot was clear and a great solar location.

The project would be subject to grant compliance scrutiny, and the County wanted to get the most solar possible.  Sandbar was selected because the design build offering maximized their system size, and the single point of responsibility made execution of the design and construction of the project less burdensome on County resources.


Sandbar designed and built a solar carport located in the staff parking lot.  Specific location was evaluated for future land use, and interconnection location.  The system was interconnected at the gear located in close proximity to minimize interconnection costs, thereby transferring more funds to budget for system size.


Working closely with the County Team, Sandbar performed the design and construction and supported the County Team though grant verification and approvals.

“Sandbar was excellent and a pleasure to work with throughout the project.  Their awareness of project details, and diligence in performance was a value to the project.  They are one of the best design/build contractors the County has worked with.”

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