Municipal Projects

View our completed municipal solar projects

Tully Library & Ballfield, San Jose
This 207 kW carport and roof mounted solar system was built in conjunction with Solar City in 2012.     [...]
Bay Street Reservoir, Santa Cruz
This 298 kW solar project was completed in July 2017.
Monte Vista Christian School
This 408 kW Carport System was a joint project with MBL Energy.        
Valley Christian High School
This two phase, 1.468 MegaWatt project, was completed in conjunction with MBL Energy and consisted of numerous carport, canopy and roof[...]
Monterey County Schools
Crumpton Elementary School: 110kW solar carport Highland Elementary School: 110kW solar carport Hayes Elementary School: 70kW ground mount
Santa Cruz County Schools
Soquel High School: 350 kW roof mount system. Soquel High School: 250 kW solar carport. Westlake Elementary: 90 kW solar carport.[...]
County of Monterey Laurel Yard
    Challenge Monterey County had applied for a federal grant to purchase and install solar at their Publics Works Laurel[...]
Graham Hill Water Treatment Plant
              Challenge: In November 2005 the City adopted the Integrated Water Plan PEIR that[...]

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