What Capitola Residents Should Know About Solar Battery Backup

What Capitola Residents Should Know About Solar Battery Backup

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Homeowners in Capitola, California share a strong sense of responsibility for the environment.

Energy conservation plays a vital role in that commitment. It’s one of many reasons why more and more Capitola residents are installing home solar systems.

If your home is powered by a rooftop solar array, you enjoy lower electric bills, cleaner energy, and less reliance on the grid.

However, when the panels generate more energy than you need, they don’t store the excess for later use. That’s where a solar battery backup comes into play.

Our team of solar experts in Capitola have put together this blog outlining everything you need to know about solar battery storage.

Let’s dive in.

5 Benefits of Solar Battery Storage for Capitola Homeowners

It’s easy to understand the value of a backup system that keeps the power on.

When the solar panels on a roof can’t generate enough electricity or the electric grid goes down, the solar battery storage system switches on.

This scenario doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s good to have that backup energy.

Backup solar power on cloudy days keeps a home running, but it isn’t the only advantage of a battery backup.

Let’s take a closer look at the additional benefits of solar battery backup for your Capitola home.

1. Reliability During PSPS Events

When the call goes out for a Public Safety Power Shutoff, Capitola pays attention.

Still, it’s hard to predict when PG&E will turn off the power in response to a Red Flag Warning from the National Weather Service.

That uncertainty is easier to deal with when you have a solar battery backup.

You know your energy needs won’t be interrupted. You’ll be running on stored solar energy. That reliability is assuring under any circumstances.

2. Power Through Blackouts

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in severe weather throughout the Central Coast area, often knocking out power all across Santa Cruz County.

The inconvenience of a sudden blackout can quickly become a serious problem, especially if you or someone in your household depends on critical medical equipment.

A reliable solar battery backup system lets you power through unexpected blackouts, so you can continue to use your medical devices, refrigerator, internet and other home conveniences.

3. Time-of-Use Independence

A solar energy system’s generating capacity peaks around noon every day.

As the hours progress, the panels produce less energy. This is also the time of day when the cost of PG&E rate plans can go up.

As demand increases towards the end of the day, the Utility’s Time-of-Use plan charges more for electricity.

The goal of the pricing structure is to encourage energy conservation by reducing electricity use between 4 P.M. and 9 P.M.

With solar battery backup, you don’t have to worry about Time-of-Use planning.

Your battery-stored solar energy system can be programed to offset the need for grid electricity during Peak Hours with inexpensive power you generated earlier in the day.

It’s one more way solar batteries lower the annual cost of electricity for homes and businesses.

4. An Alternative to Generators

Many homeowners in Capitola rely on traditional generators during PG&E outages.

It’s an option that works for businesses too, but solar battery backup systems are often a better choice. Consider these advantages:

  • Solar battery backup systems are virtually maintenance-free.
  • They’re an eco-friendly alternative to fuel-dependent generators.
  • When solar battery power kicks in, it doesn’t make loud noises.
  • Solar-powered homes seamlessly switch to battery backup during outages.
  • A solar battery backup system can increase your home’s resale value.

5. Solar Energy Control

There are times when a solar panel array doesn’t generate enough power to cover a home’s needs.

By design, installation components keep things running by drawing on energy generated by the grid.

As the homeowner, you pay more for this electricity.

With a solar battery backup, you have greater control over your solar energy and its usage. Excess generation from the rooftop solar system is stored until you need it.

The battery backup system powers your home with affordable solar energy. When the solar panels return to producing excess power, your backup batteries return to storing that energy.

It all happens seamlessly, and it adds up to substantial savings on electricity bills.

How to Get a Solar Battery Backup in Capitola, CA

The addition of a solar battery backup offers many advantages. Our teams here at Sandbar Solar & Electric often include battery backup systems with new solar panel installations.

We start by evaluating your home’s energy needs, based on factors such as current and projected usage.

We apply that data to designing and installing your solar battery backup system. Our custom configurations maximize battery performance so that you enjoy all the benefits.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can also answer your questions about financing and explain your options.

For example, many homeowners are eligible for the current Self-Generation Incentive Program. You may also qualify for a 22% or 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit on your investment.

“Can I add a battery if I already have solar?” Most existing solar energy systems in Capitola can be retrofit to add a battery backup system.

Contact us today and we’ll help you design the right system to meet your needs.

Sandbar Solar & Electric: Your Friendly Solar + Storage Experts

Choosing the right energy solution for your home and our planet takes a little planning.

We understand.

As the leading full-service solar provider in Capitola, we’re positioned to help you make those important decisions.

We’re here with information you can trust and professional services you can depend on. That includes a solar battery backup system custom planned and expertly installed to fit your home’s energy needs.

Let us design an energy solution for your Capitola home, backed by more than 150 combined years of solar industry experience. With over 4,000 projects completed across the Central Coast, we’re ready for your call.

Contact Sandbar Solar & Electric today for your free consultation: 831-469-8888

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