Sandbar Solar & Electric Founder Scott Laskey Speaks at Microgrid California

Sandbar Solar & Electric Founder Scott Laskey Speaks at Microgrid California

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Oct 20

Scott Laskey Presents Proven Microgrid Solutions for California Grid Problems

[Santa Cruz, CA, October 20, 2021] The annual Microgrid California conference was filled to capacity this year. The well-attended session that took place on October 5th focused on solutions designed to keep electric power flowing during PG&E grid disruptions.

Ongoing blackout issues across the state have heightened concerns over PG&E’s ability to manage grid breakdowns. Summer weather drives up demand and strains the system. Wildfires add a dangerous dimension of instability to a state-wide problem complicated by operating reserve issues and aging infrastructure.

Featured speaker Scott Laskey’s presentation at Microgrid California addressed these issues and focused on viable solutions. Laskey’s company, Sandbar Solar & Electric, stands as an established leader among the state’s microgrid pioneers. In 2019, his team completed construction on a new site for Sandbar headquarters and operations in Santa Cruz. The project included a microgrid system that generates, stores and distributes the energy power that gives the Sandbar complex invaluable independence from the PG&E power grid.

Sandbar’s 11,500-square foot headquarters incorporate both warehouse and office space. Designed and installed by Laskey and his in-house teams, the system is powered by a 55 kW solar PV array and 155kWh ESS with an Ageto microgrid controller. The microgrid is reinforced by Blue Planet Energy’s battery system, includes a natural gas generator and consistently provides the company with reliable energy independence.

Laskey explained how his company’s microgrid experience helps develop flexible alternatives that can benefit homeowners, small businesses and large industries. Sandbar’s freestanding system provides a straightforward path to greater independence from the grid and a greener future.

Improved energy delivery and reliability are key benefits of microgrid installations. The systems are affordable, dependable sources for renewable energy generation. Laskey stressed these advantages and pointed out that Sandbar’s on-site microgrid design can be tailored to fit all types of properties. He also noted microgrid reliability during events such as rolling blackouts, severe weather and seasonal wildfires.

“At this conference, we addressed the combined energy and grid challenges that California residents, businesses, industries and institutions face every day,” Laskey said. “I speak from the success of our experience when I put my support behind expanding microgrid opportunities across the state. Our company’s headquarters serve as a solid example of a proven microgrid solution to connectivity issues here and across the nation.”

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