Commercial Solar Operations & Maintenance

Ensure the fastest possible ROI for your PV system

Operations & Maintenance of your solar photovoltaic system is a critical component to protecting your investment in renewable energy.  In order for your system to generate a consistent reduction in utility costs, it has to continue functioning properly.  

It is far too common that customers only notice a problem when they get a true-up bill at the end of the year that is much higher than expected. By that time they may have had multiple devices stuck in a safety shutdown mode for months on end.  

Here at Sandbar Solar & Electric, we have a skilled staff of technicians who proactively monitor your system to quickly detect any issues that might affect your system's electricity output. We firmly believe that all commercial solar purchases should be accompanied by an Operations & Maintenance service agreement. 

Benefits of Operations & Maintenance Services

  • Customized system alerts tailored to site-specific conditions and system design. 
  • Avoid problems before they happen with preventative maintenance inspections. 
  • Track investment performance with professional system output and savings analysis.  
  • Detect problems early and address them fast through proactive remote monitoring.
  • Priority scheduling for corrective maintenance work with Sandbar's team of service technicians.

Commercial Solar O&M Options

  • System Performance and Savings Analysis
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Preferred Rates for Corrective Maintenance

Why Partner with Sandbar Solar & Electric?

Sandbar has emerged as a leading Operations & Maintenance provider for the Commercial & Industrial segment of the solar industry.

Solar customers can rely on consistent system performance and more reliable reduction in utility costs when partnered with a skilled O&M provider. Sandbar analysts can also deliver annual reports detailing system performance, savings, and return on investment.

Interested in O&M Services?

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