Business Benefits

Discover the top 8 business benefits of going solar

  1. Solar energy provides a great return on your investment

    View the costs of installing a solar system as an investment, not an expense. The returns on your investment — in terms of the thousands of dollars your business will save over the years — will often surpass most other commercial or financial investments. Contact Sandbar Solar, and we can do the math with you to determine the ROI of solar installation.
  2. Payback often happens in 3 to 4 years

    When comparing the costs of installing a solar system with the savings in reduced energy bills, businesses often find that the payback happens in as few as 3 to 4 years. If your building has an unused roof — and you plan to be there for a few years — the decision to go solar is a no brainer. Even if you leave early, the increase in property value will result in a higher selling price.
  3. Improve your cash flow immediately

    Once you have your solar system in place — possibly with financing options that don't require a large, upfront purchase — you can start to save with lower monthly energy bills. With less money going to electricity, you will have more cash on hand.
  4. Control future energy costs

    Businesses trying to predict operating costs for the next year and beyond are at the mercy of volatile energy prices. Facing unknown national and world events, no one can predict the energy landscape and what PG&E will charge. With a solar energy system that dramatically reduces electricity costs, you can budget more effectively since you will not be adversely affected by rising energy costs.

  1. Increase your property value

    Studies prove that that commercial buildings and residential homes with solar systems have higher property values and sell more quickly — sometimes twice as fast as non-solar buildings. And with the solar revolution taking off, solar-equipped buildings will be in greater demand. Note: Adding a solar system will not increase your property taxes.

  2. Benefit from tax credits and accelerated depreciation

    Businesses and nonprofits can benefit from the recently extended Solar Investment Tax Credit, which allows a 30% federal tax credit if you build a system by the end of 2019. Your savings are even greater since businesses can depreciate 85% of the purchase costs of a solar installation purchase price over six years. Most of the depreciation can be taken in the first year and all of it within 5 years.

  3. Lots of financing options are available

    Going solar is affordable for just about any organization, even if you can’t afford the full cost upfront. Beyond commercial loans, there are zero-down financing options, leasing opportunities, government-supported PACE loans, and Power Purchase Agreements. Contact Sandbar Solar to learn what option might be right for your business.

  4. Improve your brand with a greener image

    You’re sending a positive message about sustainability and support for the community, country, and planet with the installation of a solar system. Think of the great PR you generate every time customers, employees, neighbors, shareholders, and journalists see solar energy panels on your property. Go solar to protect the environment and improve how everyone in the community sees your company.

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