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Solar Battery Backup

Store and use your own power with a solar battery storage system

With solar panels on your roof, you save on energy bills. By combining home solar panels with a battery, you can save more, backup your home, reduce reliance on the utility grid, and avoid peak energy charges. You may also be eligible for the SGIP Equity Resiliency incentive, which provides cash back benefits. Learn more here.

As experts in solar + energy storage systems, Sandbar designs and installs leading technology-based systems. Sandbar is an experienced, certified installer for top solar home battery manufacturers.

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How Does Solar + Energy Storage Work?

A solar battery backup connects the solar panels on your roof to an enclosed stack of highly efficient batteries.

When the solar panels on your home generate more energy than you're currently using, the system directs that excess power to the battery backup.

When you need backup power, the system's inverter seamlessly converts the stored DC current into AC current and directs it to your home's backed-up electrical distribution panel.

Sandbar’s experienced team will work with you to identify your most critical loads and how to create a dedicated “Critical Loads Subpanel” to keep those essential circuits energized.

Here at Sandbar Solar & Electric, we develop custom configurations for battery backup systems. This tailored approach maximizes the benefits of solar batteries for residential and commercial properties.

Why a Solar Battery Backup Makes Sense

Use your solar energy when you need it

When paired with a home battery system, the solar electricity you generate can be used at night or day. You enjoy additional savings because you have your own stored energy to use at peak times when the utility imposes their highest rates.

Reduce your reliance on the utility grid

Minimize your carbon footprint and go net zero with your own microgrid. When you power your home independently from the grid using solar, you run your home on the cleanest type of energy.

Backup your home during a power outage

With solar panels and a battery backup system, your lights, computers, and appliances stay on when the grid goes down. No scrambling in the dark for a flashlight. No need for a gas-guzzling generator (see how solar battery backup systems and generators compare). NOTE: Homes with solar-only (i.e. systems without a battery) are required to shut off when the grid goes down.


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