How to Go Solar in San Jose, CA: A Complete Guide [2022]

How to Go Solar in San Jose, CA: A Complete Guide [2022]

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The cost of electricity in California continues to rise. Outages occur more frequently than ever in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As confidence in the grid goes down, interest in residential solar power increases.

At Sandbar Solar & Electric, we regularly install solar panels on San Jose homes, so we’re familiar with the steps required to go solar.

We put together this guide to help guide you through the process.

Let’s get started.

6 Easy Steps to Go Solar in San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA is part of Santa Clara County situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. The city enjoys a well-earned reputation for sustainability. Its LEED Platinum Certification is a source of pride for local home and business owners.

As a resident of this eco-friendly community, you’re positioned to connect with some of the best solar installers in San Jose.

Here are the steps to going solar in San Jose.

1. Consider if Your Home is a Good Fit for Solar

No two homes are alike, but most houses in San Jose are solid candidates for solar panel installations.

Walk around your home’s exterior. Consider the factors a solar professional looks for during a site evaluation. These indicators confirm that your house is a good fit for a solar array.

  • The roof is in good condition or only needs minimum repair.
  • It has at least one open area that isn’t excessively shaded by trees or filled with vents & skylights.
  • Trimming back overhanging tree branches is an option.
  • If the roof isn’t ideal, you have alternatives on a permitted shed or garage.
  • Your home’s main electrical service is in good shape and up to code.

2. Balance Costs and Savings

Compare what you’re paying for electricity now to utility bills from last year.

Self-generated solar power is cost-competitive, and that adds up to long-term savings. The growth in solar installations over the past 20 years works in your favor too, because it has lowered the cost of going solar in California today.

Many homeowners who switch to solar qualify for money-saving incentives and rebates. For example, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can reduce your federal income taxes by 26% of your investment in a solar panel installation.

Energy storage, such as a battery backup system, can also potentially position you to take advantage of a cash rebate through the state’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (eligibility based on location). Combined savings from the SGIP and ITC add up to substantial savings on your investment in generating your own electricity.

3. Call Sandbar Solar & Electric: (831) 469-8888

Sandbar Solar & Electric makes it easy to go solar in San Jose with a proven process based on more than 150 years of combined industry experience.

For example, you want to be sure a solar array can work on your roof. After a comprehensive no-cost-to-you site evaluation, we generate a custom solar design that fits your home and your energy needs.

Would you like help balancing investment costs with available tax credits and incentives?

We explain the options in detail. We even assist with financing your solar panels if you are curious about solar loan options.

Are you wary to work with a company that subcontracts out large portions of the work? Put your mind at ease with Sandbar – we employ all of our designers, project managers, and installers.

With one call, you have a solar provider who does it all: (831) 469-8888

4. Be Patient With Permitting and Certification

Every residential solar installation in San Jose requires filing the proper paperwork.

Initially, our design team’s permit drawings are submitted to the city’s Building Division. Approval can take from four to eight weeks.

Upon project completion, a city inspector confirms system compliance and issues an Inspection Passed Certification.

Once your final inspection is passed, we submit that certification to PG&E, and they issue a Permission to Operate (PTO) Letter within 10 business days.

5. Expect Expert Solar Installation

Most solar installations are completed in two to four days. Installing a battery backup system can add three or four days.

Our solar technicians handle your project with the following process:

  • Your home’s roof is double-checked and prepped for solar panel installation.
  • Our electricians assemble and place wiring that connects the system to the grid.
  • We build, attach and test roof racking that holds your solar panels in place.
  • Solar panels are arranged in the racking and secured to the framework.
  • An inverter is connected to the panels and then to the grid.
  • Upon receipt of the city’s PTO letter, the inverter switch is turned on.
  • Your newly installed solar panels begin generating electricity for your home.

6. Enjoy the Benefits of Clean Energy

A big part of switching to solar in San Jose is enjoying the benefits that come with a reliable energy source.

Even on cloudy days, the solar panels on your roof convert the sun’s rays into electricity. With a battery backup system, outages don’t interrupt power coming into your home.

With a battery connected to your system, you also know you’re making a difference by generating and storing your own electricity.

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t depend on fossil fuels or produce greenhouse gases. Solar panels help you contribute to the eco-friendly solutions that are so important to our environmental future.

Add the increase in your San Jose home’s property value to the benefits of going solar. Factor in the savings from tax credits and lower utility bills. It all results in a solid return on your investment for years to come.

Go Solar in San Jose, CA With Sandbar – Your Trusted, Local Installer

Now that you know how to go solar in San Jose, it’s time to take a closer look at the details.

We’re here to help you understand the process and answer all your questions. Let’s get started with a free personal solar consultation.

Sandbar Solar & Electric is proud to be your local solar provider. We’re looking forward to your call: 831-469-8888

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