What Los Gatos Homeowners Should Know About Going Solar

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It’s one of the best places to call home in Santa Clara County.

Los Gatos balances its position as a hub for high-tech industry with a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. The local economy, driven by innovations in multiple fields, serves residents with a variety of earth-friendly options.

Solar energy initiatives here have been ongoing for years.

In 2016, the community joined surrounding municipalities to form the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Agency. Many public facilities have switched to solar power.

Residential solar energy systems in Los Gatos play an important role in building a sustainable foundation for energy independence. Every home here that converts the sun’s energy into electricity helps ensure a greener future.

You don’t have to look far to see how well solar technology fits the community. You’ll find solar installations on existing houses and new residential construction. This is a place that cares about the environment. We know you do too.

6 Reasons for Los Gatos Homeowners to Go Solar

When you make a home improvement decision, you think it through. Whether it’s building on an extra room or upgrading windows and doors, you weigh all the options.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about switching to solar. You may have talked to neighbors who already have solar installations, and their reviews are all positive. Let’s take a look at six solid facts behind those thumbs-up

1. Reduced Electric Bills

Solar panels on the roof bring down the cost of your electric bills. Residents in Los Gatos have seen their bills go up year after year. There’s every reason to believe the price of that commodity will continue to rise.

With a home solar system, you generate your own power that you’d otherwise pay for. The reduction in utility bills can total thousands of dollars annually.

That adds up to significant, long-term savings that stay in your pocket, and continue saving you money for 30+ years.

2. Lower Installation Costs

Residential solar is a great example of how development in a technology can result in a decrease in its price. The cost of installing a solar system has come down every year since its inception in the 1950s. Factor in money saved from lower energy bills, and solar panels pay for themselves. In 2021, a typical solar energy system reaches “payback” in approximately 7-8 years.

Ask your solar professional about available options that reduce installation costs. For example, California recently expanded the Self-Generation Incentive Program, making it easier for qualified residents to invest in battery backup systems for their solar panels.

You can also capture additional savings with the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Currently, a homeowner can claim a 26% credit on his or her investment in a residential solar installation. That’s a substantial return on a system that continually saves money as it operates. The Federal ITC will remain at 26% through 2022, and then drop to 22% in 2023 before it drops to 0% in 2024.

But we also want you to know that the impact of worldwide supply chain challenges are starting to impact the solar industry too, and we are starting to see costs increase for the first time in decades.

3. Increased Property Value

The California housing market has its ups and downs, but buyers stay on the lookout for must-have features. They understand the value of residential solar systems, and they consider the additions to be smart investments.

You may not plan on selling or renting your home. However, it’s always good to know that improvements you’ve made to the property continue to increase its value. A solar panel array is that type of upgrade. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, research shows that:

Each additional $1 in utility bill savings from your solar installation can add a whopping $20 to your home value. Homes with solar arrays sold 20% faster and for 17% more.

4. Greater Energy Independence

Residential solar systems help insulate homeowners from the environmental impact of global energy production. Solar panels on the roof decrease your reliance on the local grid. The combination of these gains in home energy independence add up to a reduced carbon footprint.

That independence also provides an extra layer of security at the house. Rolling blackouts across California continue to be a big concern, but a solar battery backup system keeps the power on and gives you peace of mind.

With a home battery backup system, you don’t have to worry about the next outage leaving you in the dark.

5. Local Economic Boosts

The solar industry is expanding all across the state, especially in Santa Clara County and the surrounding areas. The individuals that design, fabricate and install solar panels on local homes are all part of a growing workforce.

Those jobs help support families who help support Los Gatos businesses. It all contributes to robust fiscal growth that benefits everyone. Residential solar installations are an important part of a healthy local economy.

6. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Most homeowners know that switching to solar energy is better for the environment. However, you might not realize just how big a difference one residential solar system can make.

Solar power is renewable. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and that helps reduce carbon emissions and tempers Climate Change. Clean solar energy offers eco-friendly solutions that make a measurable, positive difference in our environment.

Want to Go Solar in Los Gatos? Turn to Sandbar!

With so many solid reasons to make the switch, now’s the time to go solar. Talk to your neighbors, ask friends, and give us a call too. We’re happy to share details about the technology and explain our installation process. When you have questions, we’re always here with answers.

Our solar industry veterans offer more than 150 combined years of experience. In addition to our work installing solar panels in Los Gatos, we’ve completed projects all across Santa Clara County and the Central Coast.

You can depend on the expertise of our design teams, project managers and solar technicians. With more than 2,500 installations completed across the region, our job success speaks for itself. Our portfolio includes solar system installations for municipal facilities and private properties. From commercial sites to residential construction, our solar experience ensures job success.

You can trust Sandbar Solar & Electric to help you make the best solar energy choices for your home. Our estimates are free, and our solar experts are at your service.

We look forward to providing you with solar energy solutions that fit your home. Contact us today: 831-469-8888.

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