See how we give back to the Santa Cruz community

Sandbar Solar is a family-owned, local business that’s been an active part of the Santa Cruz community for 14 years. Many of our employees have lived here on the Central Coast for most of their lives. We’re locals and proud of it, and that’s why we spend time and resources helping to making the local community a great place to live and work.


Events powered by Sandbar Solar


Supporting charities and the lighthouse


Businesses, schools, and youth sports

A Proud Sponsor of Local Events

At Sandbar Solar, we have a long history of sponsoring community activities and causes in Santa Cruz County. We enjoy meeting locals at these events, and we provide ongoing education about clean, renewable energy. Our recent sponsorship supported the following organizations:

  • CrossFit Affiliate Cup
  • Homeless Garden Project, SUSTAIN SUPPER SERIES
  • Event Santa Cruz
  • Mole & Mariachi Festival
  • Gourmet Grazing on the Green

Learn about the most recent events — and see what’s coming up.

Sandbar’s Portable Solar Generator— Free Electricity from the Sun at Your Event

We have donated our solar generator to power up numerous local bands — including Samba Da and X-Large — playing at public events. The 1.5 kW solar generator charges four large batteries built into the trailer’s battery bank. The solar generator makes no noise and unlike a diesel generator, it does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere. The solar generator is 11′ x 17′, and we can tow and place it where you want. We would be happy to donate our solar generator to your next event. Please contact us to check for availability.

Here are a few of the events we have powered with our Portable Solar Generator:

  • Gourmet Grazing on the Green
  • Pleasure Point Street Fair
  • Hop and Barley Fest
  • O’Neill Sea Odyssey Benefit
  • Gourmet Grazing on the Green Cancer Benefit
  • Monterey Jazz Festival
  • Sausage Fest
  • Hot Rods at the Beach
  • Santa Cruz Mt. Bike Fest
  • Santa Cruz Earth Day

solar panels santa cruz lighthousePowering one of Santa Cruz’s Landmarks

To assist the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum when it faced budget cuts, Sandbar Solar installed solar panels on the historic lighthouse. The donated panels on the museum’s west roof are directly tied into the lighthouse’s pre-existing electrical grid, helping the museum save up to 80 percent on its electricity bills. Due to the location, special water- and rust-resistant equipment was used.

Scott Laskey, President of Sandbar Solar, was quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel: “It’s the symbol for the city of Santa Cruz,” Laskey said. “It’s an identity for the city, both culturally and physically. I think that solarizing the lighthouse fits right into the culture of sustainability in Santa Cruz.” Read the article 

Donations to Youth Sports and Schools

Sandbar Solar donates money to designated youth sports organizations and schools every time a customer goes solar. And we let customers decide how the donation will be applied — including offsetting player dues, supporting a club, and helping to fund a tournament. Contact us today to learn about the newest donation programs that we have set up. We also directly sponsor youth sports teams — for baseball, soccer, and other sports.

Organizations and Partnerships

Sandbar Solar is an active member in business and charitable organizations, and we offer special discounts to employees at various organizations. Scroll through the information below to learn about our community involvement and discount opportunities. And contact us if your organization wants to start a “Go Solar” program for your employees.

Solar World

As the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, SolarWorld is uniquely recognized as America’s solar leader. SolarWorld has been producing panels in America since 1975. Sandbar Solar offers SolarWorld modules as a preferred option for residential and commercial applications.

Think Local First

Think Local First County of Santa Cruz is a network of independent and locally owned businesses and community organizations that join together to promote economic vitality and preserve the unique character of our community. Sandbar Solar is a Silver member of Think Local First, Santa Cruz.

Event Santa Cruz

Event Santa Cruz is a monthly event that showcases thriving businesses in Santa Cruz and the people behind them. The events provide valuable (and fun!) networking opportunities, delicious bits and drinks from local vendors, and live shows by talented local musicians. Sandbar Solar is a proud sponsor and attendee of Event Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce has been a local voice on behalf of business and community since 1889. The organization is an independent Chamber of Commerce —not affiliated with the national organization — working within the Santa Cruz community to bring together businesses, workers, residents, organizations, citizens, and local governments to promote economic vitality in Santa Cruz County. Sandbar Solar has been an active Chamber member for nearly 10 years.

Breakers Fundraising Solar Program

Sandbar Solar will donate $500 to Breakers on your behalf when a Breaker family member goes solar. The donation can be applied to directly offset player annual dues, sponsor a player scholarship, fund a tournament, or simply go to support the club — you decide!

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central members solar program provides discounted solar to their members when going solar with Sandbar Solar. For further details contact Sandbar Solar to see how you might qualify.


Sandbar Solar helped Plantronics go solar in 2012. The solar carports offset most of Plantronics electrical demand and provide protection for employee vehicles from the elements. Sandbar offers Plantronics employees discounted solar, which makes going solar even more affordable.

Full Power

Sandbar Solar partners with Full Power offering them a residential employee solar program. The program helps Full Power employees to hedge against future electricity increases, and as they go solar they can contribute to reduce carbon footprint.

Santa Cruz City Schools

Sandbar Solar donates $500 to the Santa Cruz City schools of your choice when you go solar with us. The funds are distributed by the Santa Cruz Education Foundation. For details, please contact Sandbar Solar.

Santa Cruz Little League

Sandbar Solar is a proud sponsor of Santa Cruz Little League.

Project Bike Trip

Project Bike Trip is dedicated to enhancing lives, creating opportunities, and building sustainable communities through bicycle education. Project Bike Trip has created a curriculum for a 180-hour Bike Tech class that prepares high school students to be successful applicants for careers in the bicycle industry. They have classes at SCHS, Harbor High, PVHS, Scotts Valley High, Aptos High, and Natural Bridges — all located in Santa Cruz County.

Sandbar Solar will donate $500 to Project Bike Trip on your behalf when you mention that Project Bike Trip referred you to go solar. The donation goes directly to support their classes in Santa Cruz County.

SMA America

SMA is a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology. SMA is setting standards today for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. Sandbar Solar proudly partners with SMA to supply the best solutions for a centralized inverter supply.

Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy delivers micro inverter technology for the solar industry. It increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk, and provides a platform for intelligent energy management. Sandbar Solar partners with Enphase for our micro inverter installations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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