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Solar Panels for Cupertino, CA

Discover effective solar energy solutions for your Cupertino home or business.

As one of Silicon Valley’s founding communities, Cupertino is a renowned leader in the development of advanced technologies. Long-term planning for energy efficiency and sustainability are a vital part of that role.

The city is committed to advancing the benefits of solar energy locally and across Santa Clara County. If you’re considering a solar panel installation for your Cupertino property, available services can streamline the process.

Our team of friendly and experienced professionals are happy to explain those options, as well as the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) available to residential property owners. Since 2004, Sandbar Solar & Electric has installed home solar systems in Cupertino zip codes 95014 and 95015. We take care of local businesses, commercial sites and municipal facilities too.

When you’re ready to switch to energy-saving solar panels, you want a solar provider you can trust. We’re ready with turnkey solar installations that offset the rising cost of electricity with clean, renewable energy.

Our custom solar installations can include the latest in battery backup technology, and we offer flexible financing.

Schedule a free consultation with one of the most established solar companies in Cupertino. Call us today: (831) 469-8888.

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Why Go Solar?

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Trusted Financing Options

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How Does the Solar Installation Process Work in Cupertino?

You’re interested in a custom solar installation that saves money and reduces grid dependence. Like most property owners, you also have questions about the process.

We understand, so we offer this step-by-step overview that outlines what you can expect.

1. On-Site Energy Evaluation and Consultation

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We start by getting to know you and understanding your energy needs. During our on-site consultation, we evaluate your roof’s type, age and condition. Our solar consultant also determines the capacity of your current electric system as well as its panel configuration and wiring.

These key factors give us the information we need to develop a solar installation plan tailored to your property. We present our proposal, explain your options and answer any questions you might have.

2. Custom Design, Permitting and Procurement

With your approval, we formalize a custom design for your rooftop solar system. Our in-house team finalizes permit drawings and submits them, along with applications, to the City’s Building Department.

Next, we procure the components for racking, installing and activating your solar panels. If your project includes a battery backup system, we obtain the necessary equipment for integration with your solar panels.

3. Solar Panel System Assembly and Installation

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Once the City approves our permit, we contact you and schedule an installation date that works with your timetable. The project includes the following work.

  • Roof prep and wiring confirmation
  • PV panel support rack assembly
  • Panel rack rooftop attachment
  • Solar panel installation
  • Inverter and panel connections

From initial prep to final connections, the installation process usually takes several days. If your project includes solar battery backup, the job will take another day or two to complete.

4. Inspection, PTO and System Activation

The last step begins on-site with a final inspection by the Building Department. The installation is checked to make sure everything is in compliance with City requirements. We receive confirmation through an Inspection Passed certificate.

Our team forwards the certificate to your utility company, and they generate a Permission To Operate letter. From start to finish, the permitting process can take from two to four weeks.

As soon as we receive written permission from the utility company, we’re ready to activate your solar panels. With the flip of a switch, your rooftop becomes your dependable source of affordable, renewable energy that will power your home for years to come.

Schedule your complimentary solar consultation today: 831-469-8888.

How to Select a Trusted Solar Installer in Cupertino

A successful solar panel installation requires the industry expertise of highly skilled engineers and technicians. The best solar company for your project provides that and more, including these three key factors.

1. In-House Project Control

A self-performing solar installer controls all project phases. From initial consultation and fabrication to final installation, everything is taken care of in-house. You work with one group of professionals who are focused on your project.

2. Locally Owned Operations

Connecting with a locally owned solar provider comes with multiple advantages. You can reference their work on projects similar to yours. Local reviews give you a good idea of overall customer satisfaction.

You can also count on the company’s familiarity with the City’s permitting requirements. Most importantly, they get to know you and you know they’re always just a phone call away.

3. Professional Transparency

An established solar installer earns your trust. You can easily access the company’s industry certification, licensing and proof of insurance. The information is available online and in-house.

This type of professional transparency is your assurance of partnering with a solar provider that truly values your business. It’s been a founding principle for our business since Sandbar began serving the Central Coast in 2004.

Why Choose Sandbar Solar & Electric in Cupertino?

Years of Solar Installation Experience solar installers team cupertino

Our solar industry veterans offer more than 150 combined years of experience. In addition to our work installing solar panels in Cupertino, we’ve completed projects all across Santa Clara County and the Central Coast.

You can depend on the expertise of our design teams, project managers and solar technicians. With more than 2,500 installations completed across the region, our job success speaks for itself.

Whether you need solar panels for your home or business, you can depend on Sandbar. Our portfolio includes solar system installations for municipal facilities and private properties. From commercial sites to residential construction, our solar experience ensures job success.

All Services In-House

home solar system cupertino, caWhen you choose Sandbar as your solar installation company in Cupertino, CA, everything happens in-house. Our design team develops a custom plan tailored to your property. You enjoy transparent communication with our project managers.

Our industry-certified solar installers take care of initial roof prep and set-up, solar panel installation and all system connections. We offer battery backup systems, and we implement custom maintenance plans for commercial facilities.

Every detail is handled in-house by our teams here at Sandbar Solar & Electric. That’s your assurance of a top-notch installation experience that includes complete job accountability.

Customer-First Solutions

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We want you to decide on solar panels for your Cupertino home or business with confidence. We take the time to answer your questions and explain your options. We don’t believe in hard-sell tactics.

Our focus on you positions us to better develop an installation around your individual needs. We evaluate, we listen, and we recommend options to provide you with the right solution to fit your needs. And once you sign up, we respond when you have questions, and tailor your installation to work with your schedule.

We look forward to being your partner on a solar project designed to fit your property. Our customer-first solutions have only one goal: your complete satisfaction with a solar system installation that exceeds your expectations.

Contact our professional Energy Consultants today to schedule your free solar project assessment: 831-469-8888.

What Customers Say About Us

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    December 2, 2021

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    Jared Lewis Avatar Jared Lewis
    January 19, 2024

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    January 17, 2024
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    April 14, 2023

    Sandbar Solar & Electric are so good at what they do. They coordinated with all of the appropriate people to complete the work. They also helped update electrical items that would... read more

    October 22, 2019

    Tyler did a great job getting the solar system back up and running. Was great working with him.

    Bill James Avatar Bill James
    September 23, 2021
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    July 20, 2017

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    Andrew Ow Avatar Andrew Ow
    May 16, 2017

    Sandbar paid attention to my concern and met my high standards with regards to aesthetics and safety. My 12/12 steep roof pitch was somewhat challenging for the installation of panels... read more

    Nancy Meyberg Avatar Nancy Meyberg
    December 9, 2022


1. What is the average cost of solar panel installation in Cupertino?

The cost of installing solar panels on a Cupertino home depends on roof size and condition. Other factors that affect final cost include the type of panels to be installed, condition of the existing electrical system and battery backup installation.

Our no-obligation consultation outlines the estimated costs specific to your property so that you know what to expect.

2. Will I no longer receive an electric bill after I make the switch to solar?

Switching to solar significantly reduces the cost of powering your home, but the utility continues to charge a monthly fee for grid connection. On average, the bill will total between $10 and $20. You’ll also be charged the current utility rate for energy usage in excess of that generated by your solar panels.

3. How does a rooftop solar panel system generate electricity?

Solar panels convert the light from the sun into DC electricity through photovoltaic cells. Your system’s inverter converts that energy into the AC that powers your home.

4. Can I add solar battery backup to an older solar panel installation?

Yes, we can install battery backup for existing rooftop solar panels. Most older solar installations in homes and businesses are compatible with our battery backup systems.

5. What is the best way to switch to solar energy?

Look for an experienced local company with a proven track record, solid references and good reviews with independent online sites. Be wary of hard sell tactics. The best solar provider in Cupertino is the one that focuses on your project and maximizes your investment in switching to solar energy.

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