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Solar Panels for Los Gatos, CA

Discover effective solar energy solutions for your Los Gatos home or business

Los Gatos is one of the most established communities in Santa Clara County. It’s also uniquely positioned to shape the future of Silicon Valley. That’s because residents here appreciate the importance of sustainable energy options available through professional solar installations.

Sandbar Solar & Electric proudly serves Los Gatos with solar and battery backup systems for your home or business. We provide the very latest, cleanest technology available for producing both residential and commercial energy.

You enjoy an immediate, significant reduction in utility bills, as well as substantial rebates, incentives and tax credits. Flexible financing keeps our solar panel installations affordable for Los Gatos properties regardless of size or type.

Let us share the data you need to make the right decisions concerning your future energy consumption. Contact us today for a free consultation and solid information about making a positive, permanent impact on our environment.

Call today and schedule a no-obligation solar energy consultation: 831-469-8888

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Why Go Solar?

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Trusted Financing Options

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How Does the Solar Installation Process Work in Los Gatos, CA?

Most property owners understand the basics of switching to solar. While the details can get technical, you want to make a decision based on solid information.

This overview explains our 4-step process so that you know what to expect.

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1. Site Evaluation and Consultation

We get started by discussing your energy needs and listening to your expectations. Our solar consultant evaluates your roof’s condition and size, as well as the property’s electrical system and capacity.

Based on our assessment, we develop a solar panel installation plan specific to your home or business. We present you with our proposal and answer any questions you might have.

2. Parts Procurement and Project Permitting

With your go-ahead, we formalize our design plans and submit them to the Los Gatos Building Division for their review.

Approval can take several weeks. Our team stays in close touch with the City throughout the process.

During this time, we procure the components specific to your property’s solar energy system. This includes racking materials, solar panels, inverters and wiring.

3. Solar Panel Assembly and Installation

After we receive permit approval from the City, we work to schedule your solar panel installation based on your schedule and our backlog.

Typically, the installation work takes 2-5 days, proceeding in this order:

  • Roof and wiring prep and configuration
  • Construction of rack supports for solar panels
  • Solar panel attachment to support racks
  • Connection of solar panels to inverter
  • Configuration of solar energy system for remote monitoring

4. Final Inspection and Permission to Activate

Once we’ve completed installing your solar panels, we notify the Building Division. They perform a final on-site assessment and issue an official Inspection Passed certificate, which we forward to PG&E.

Within the next several weeks, PG&E issues a Permission to Operate letter. This certification finalizes the process, giving us permission to energize your solar panel system.

We flip the switch, and you immediately enjoy the benefits that come from generating clean, sustainable solar energy.

Call today for answers to your questions about switching to solar: 831-469-8888

How Can I Choose a Trusted Solar Installer in Los Gatos, CA?

It’s important to work with a solar installer you can trust. We understand. As you consider which solar provider is best for your project, keep these important questions in mind.

1. Can They Ensure Complete Job Control?

A successful solar installation depends on the combined talents of several disciplines. From the design process to construction and installation, each phase requires highly professional skills.

You want to work with a solar company that takes care of everything in-house with complete job control.

2. Do They Have a Locally Proven Track Record?

Take a look at a solar provider’s experience with projects in your area. Often, a locally owned solar company earns better customer satisfaction than a national firm.

For example, Sandbar Solar & Electric works with home and business owners all across the Central Coast. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering premium services and personalized customer care.

3. Are You Comfortable With Their Level of Transparency?

The best solar energy company provides open communication through every phase of the installation process. Real people answer your phone calls and readily supply the information you need.

Whether you’re considering installation options or tracking the permitting process, an honest solar company always keeps you up to date so that you know exactly what to expect.

Why Choose Sandbar Solar & Electric in Los Gatos?

Specialized solar expertisesolar installer los gatos

Sandbar Solar & Electric has answered the call for affordable energy solutions in the Bay Area since 2004. With more than 150 years of combined experience, our in-house designers, project managers and solar installers are the best in Los Gatos.

Every team member brings specialized talent and training to the job. We are all industry-certified and fully licensed professionals. Our project portfolio includes more than 2,500 jobs completed across Santa Cruz County and the Central Coast.

You can trust Sandbar to help you go green with solar panels and home battery backup for Los Gatos homes, businesses, municipal and private facilities. We deliver the solar industry expertise you want today and expect in the future.

Customer-first commitment

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We believe in helping you determine the best solar solutions for your property. We see a meeting with you as an opportunity to consult with you on various options, not a sales call. If a planned system doesn’t need a specific feature, we tell you. If it’s important to the success of your solar installation, we explain why.

Our commitment to fulfilling your needs ensures your complete satisfaction with our work. We back up that claim by inviting you to read past and current customer comments across all local independent review sites.

Residents here depend on us for highly competitive pricing, custom project design, and the best solar and battery installations in Los Gatos.

Our solar panels for your home or business are an investment you can make with confidence because you have our commitment to always putting you first.

Full-service and all in housesolar battery storage in los gatos home

Sandbar is a leading solar company in Santa Clara County. We offer a complete line of design, management, installation and maintenance services. We do it all, and it’s all done in-house.

For example, are you still thinking about going solar but want detailed information? Our on-site consultations are always free. Are you interested in a battery backup for your existing panels? We handle all the details regardless of your system’s type or original installation.

From financing options to custom installations, you can count on Sandbar. We look forward to serving as your full-service partner. Let us show you how to control skyrocketing energy costs today by investing in a sustainable tomorrow.

What Customers Say About Us

  • A good friend of mine recommended Sandbar Solar and I can truly say it has been a wonderful experience in the pre-work, installation and subsequent maintenance of the solar panels... read more

    Sridhar Narayanan Avatar Sridhar Narayanan
    December 15, 2017

    We've had an exceptional experience with Sandbar Solar. Jeremy, the sales rep, was professional, knowledgable, personable and ready to answer all of our questions. He spent as much time... read more

    margaret campodonico Avatar margaret campodonico
    April 14, 2023

    After interviewing five "local" solar installation companies and doing our due diligence, we chose Sandbar Solar for our solar installation in 2023. One of our neighbors (who had Sandbar... read more

    Andrea Lewis Avatar Andrea Lewis
    January 17, 2024
  • We've been running on solar for 3 months now thanks to Sandbar's installation, and everything has worked perfectly. We expected to run into installation delays because of timing (trying... read more

    Linda C Avatar Linda C
    January 17, 2024

    Working with Sandbar was excellent. We were kept informed about every step. I have not had the installation long enough to learn how much I am saving. ... read more

    Janet Perry Avatar Janet Perry
    July 20, 2017

    Great experience from beginning to end. Jeremy was really helpful in the early stages and the team did a great job with the design and installation. Highly recommend!

    Jason Moulton Avatar Jason Moulton
    December 3, 2021
  • This is my 2nd solar energy system. I got my first one over 25 years ago and it was destroyed in a house fire in May of 2019. They were... read more

    Sherry Talmage Avatar Sherry Talmage
    January 24, 2024

    We recently had the pleasure of working with Sandbar Solar for our home solar panel installation, and are beyond impressed with the exceptional service, communication, and quality of their work. Realizing... read more

    Jared Lewis Avatar Jared Lewis
    January 19, 2024

    So excited that I am officially gone solar! Jeremy Pearl at Sandbar Solar & Electric and their team was was fantastic to work with. Jeremy came by in person to... read more

    Kirsten Liske Avatar Kirsten Liske
    September 23, 2023

Company Information

Sandbar Solar & Electric
2656 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 469-8888

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    Solar FAQs

    How much do solar panels cost in Los Gatos?

    No two solar installations are alike, but there are common factors that determine the job cost, including roof condition and the type of solar panels specific to your installation. We balance all the considerations and present you with a proposal that maximizes your project's dollar-per-watt valuation with options customized to your property

    How much will my utility bills go down with solar panels?

    By adding solar to your home you'll enjoy a significant reduction in energy costs. However, solar panels don't eliminate the electric bill entirely. Give us a call and we can walk you through your expected savings after installation.

    If your energy needs should exceed that supplied by your solar panels, you'll be charged standard PG&E utility rates.

    How do solar panels generate energy from the sun?

    Each solar panel contains an array of photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight. That energy is converted from DC to AC through the system's inverter.

    The process is stabilized by the charge controller and generates the clean, sustainable solar energy that powers your home or business.

    Are there incentives for installing solar panels on a Los Gatos home or business?

    Yes. Installing a solar energy system and/or a battery backup on your home or business can position you to capture a 30% federal tax credit on the investment.

    You may also qualify for a cash rebate on a solar battery backup system through PG&E's Self-Generation Incentive Program.

    We recommend speaking with a tax professional who can help you determine your qualifications for solar incentive credits and programs.

    Can I add battery backup to an existing solar panel system?

    Yes. Most existing solar panel systems are compatible with the addition of a battery backup system. It may require a few modifications, but a solar battery backup is an affordable option that helps increase your grid independence and peace of mind.


    Are there helpful resources for making the switch to solar energy?