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Solar Panels for San Jose, CA

Discover effective solar energy solutions for your Santa Clara County home or business

The electricity bill gets bigger every year. You re-adjust the budget wondering if the increases will ever end. Higher energy costs aren’t going away anytime soon. You’re thinking about installing solar panels on your San Jose home or business. 

You wonder if the technology is affordable. Is it really green? Can you get help with financing and tax credits? Who can you trust for reliable information about solar energy systems?

Sandbar Solar & Electric is at your service with answers to your questions backed by more than 150 combined years of industry experience.

In addition to our residential and commercial installations, our solar panels power area schools, hospitals and government buildings. We’ve helped many healthcare facilities, industrial complexes and businesses in San Jose go solar.

Regardless of your property’s size or type, we’re happy to answer all your questions and explain your options with a free solar consultation.

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Why go Solar?

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How Does the Solar Installation Process Work in San Jose, CA?

We want you to be comfortable with our solar panel installation process, so let’s answer this question first.

san jose california solar installerOur solar installations are customized to fit individual properties, but the process is straightforward.

This 4-step overview outlines what you can expect, from initial on-site evaluation to solar panel activation.

1. Personal On-Site Consultation

We start with you. Before we begin our project assessment, we get to know you and listen to your priorities and concerns. You tell us what you expect from your solar panel installation, and our energy consultant builds on that information.

We confirm your roof’s type, age and condition as well as the condition of the property’s current electrical system. You’re presented with our proposal for a solar installation tailored to your property’s energy needs.

2. Design, Permits and Procurement

With your approval, we develop a detailed project design and begin procuring the components for your solar installation. Our team coordinates every detail of the construction phase, including solar panels, inverters, and racking materials.

As a full-service solar provider, we can also include a battery backup system that stores energy generated by your solar panels.

During this phase, we draft and submit all permit drawings required by the City of San Jose. Permit review and approval typically takes four to eight weeks.

3. Component Assembly and Installation

Once the permitting approval process is finished, we contact you with a schedule for installing your solar panels. Our technicians complete the following work in two to three days.

  • Roof prep and wiring configuration
  • Solar panel rack support construction
  • Rack support attachment to roof
  • Solar panel placement into racking
  • Solar panel and inverter connections

4. Inspection, Final Permitting and Activation

As soon as we’re finished with your installation, we notify the City and arrange for a final inspection. This may take from two to four weeks.

With the final inspection approved, we submit to the utility for final sign-off. When the utility issues a Permission to Operate (PTO) letter, we activate your new solar panels.

With the flip of a switch, you begin to enjoy all the benefits of electricity generated through your new solar panels. From lower utility bills to greater grid independence, you’re in control with clean, sustainable energy powered by the sun.

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How Do I Select a Trusted Solar Installer in San Jose, CA?

A solar provider installs an entirely new system that generates your property’s electricity. While there are many solar companies in San Jose, you want to work with the best.

Independent online reviews and personal references count, but dig a little deeper. Consider these three key questions before you make a final decision.

1. Are Projects Controlled In-House?

An experienced solar installer assumes responsibility for every project phase. Complete in-house control ensures a smooth process, from initial consultation to system activation.

As a self-performing solar provider, this is one of our strengths here at Sandbar. We manage every detail. That oversight positions us to efficiently coordinate job progress and deliver project success.

2. Is the Company Experienced Providing Services in Your Region?

A solar business experienced in serving your area understands its unique requirements. You work with individuals who know how to navigate the local permitting process and keep your project on track.

For example, our Sandbar team has proudly served the region since 2004. We provide solar solutions for San Jose homes and businesses, as well as residential and commercial customers all across Silicon Valley.

3. Do They Earn Your Trust?

You deserve more than testimonials and references from a company that wants your business. A reputable solar installer provides you with an experienced, reliable and trustworthy Energy Consultant and readily supplies proof of insurance, industry certification and licensing.

We believe you should know what to expect throughout the entire solar installation process. When you have questions, we give you straight answers you can trust and verify.

Why Choose Sandbar Solar in San Jose, CA?


We are an established solar company serving Santa Clara County
solar panel installation san jose

We earn our solid reputation by always delivering quality materials and the highest levels of workmanship.

We’ve installed more than 1,600 residential and commercial systems totaling 11,000 kilowatts across the San Francisco Bay Area from South San Francisco to San Jose. The Silicon Valley Business Journal ranks us as one of the top solar companies in San Jose.

You can depend on us for outstanding customer service, honest proposals and detailed answers to your questions.

We maintain our leadership role among Santa Clara County solar companies with timely project completion that ensures satisfaction with your solar installation.

We customize our San Jose solar installations for your home and business

san jose solar installation

Our expert teams explain the benefits of on-grid and off-grid systems for your home and business. Customization can include battery backups, exterior lighting and more.

We work up options that seamlessly integrate with existing electrical infrastructure, and we design energy efficient layouts tailored to the size of your property and budget.

Your project is assembled with the very best solar panels available. All our installation services are backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year product warranty for solar panels and inverters.

Our master craftsmen bring years of experience as licensed electricians to every job. Even our competitors look to us when they run into a complicated project.

You enjoy carefully selected, trusted options for solar panel financing
solar panel light bulb

As you consider available financing options, you have concerns and questions. This isn’t the same as making routine budget decisions at home or work.

We understand. We put our years of industry experience to work helping you develop a financial plan that’s consumer-friendly and rock-solid.

Looking for an attractive loan option? We bring that to the table for you – qualifying borrowers can get pre-approved in 5 minutes. Looking for other ways to maximize your Return on Investment? We can guide you there too.

You’re never pressured into a decision. Our goal is to make sure you have the best solar power system possible. We’re committed to ensuring your complete, long-term satisfaction.

What Customers Say About Us

  • After interviewing five "local" solar installation companies and doing our due diligence, we chose Sandbar Solar for our solar installation in 2023. One of our neighbors (who had Sandbar... read more

    Andrea Lewis Avatar Andrea Lewis
    January 17, 2024

    Working with Sandbar was excellent. We were kept informed about every step. I have not had the installation long enough to learn how much I am saving. ... read more

    Janet Perry Avatar Janet Perry
    July 20, 2017

    Excellent and quality work and support. Very much appreciated the system and the people at Sandbar installing our solar system.

    Victor Aguero Avatar Victor Aguero
    December 29, 2020
  • So glad we decided to go with Sandbar! The team is knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. Their equipment is top of the line. We couldn't be happier with... read more

    Jessamyn Tardif Avatar Jessamyn Tardif
    March 22, 2020

    I'm an architect and used them for my home. They were professional, communicative, and friendly. The panels work great and we will use them again on our ADU!

    Orrin Goldsby Avatar Orrin Goldsby
    January 10, 2023

    The system Sandbar installed has been up and running for about 8 months. To say that I am pleased with the resulting power bill from our utility company would... read more

    Charles Gjers Avatar Charles Gjers
    July 20, 2017
  • Tyler did a great job getting the solar system back up and running. Was great working with him.

    Bill James Avatar Bill James
    September 23, 2021

    Everyone was very nice and they did an excellent job on installing the solar panels! Jarrett was very personable! I can already see a difference in my electric bill big... read more

    annieoakley Avatar annieoakley
    August 24, 2023

    Sandbar did a fantastic job! My project was completed ahead of time. Communication and appointments were excellent keeping me informed about progress as well as navigating me through understanding my... read more

    Jeri Ross Avatar Jeri Ross
    August 22, 2023

Get a Free Solar Consultation Today

     Solar FAQs

    1. What is the average cost of solar panels in San Jose?
    There are several factors that determine the cost of installing solar panels on your San Jose home or business, including the size of the solar energy system you need for the desired energy bill-offset, the condition of your roof and main electrical panel. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all price for solar, which is why you want an experienced team helping you design the right custom system for your home.

    Our no-obligation consultations are free, and the result of your initial consultation with us will be a custom proposal that fits your individual need.

    2. Does switching to solar eliminate my electric bill?
    Not completely. With a properly sized solar energy system though, you will see significant savings. Typically, the utility company charges a grid connection fee, averaging $10 to $20 per billing cycle.

    If your annual electricity use exceeds solar panel output, you're charged a standard rate for the excess. You can track your property's net energy consumption through the utility company's monthly True-Up statement.

    3. Are solar incentives available for San Jose, CA homeowners?
    Yes. You can receive a 30% federal tax credit on your investment in solar panels. California offers additional savings on solar battery backup systems for qualifying applicants through the Self-Generation Incentive Program.

    4. How do the solar panels on my roof convert sunlight into energy?
    Photovoltaic cells in solar panels produce DC electricity by absorbing energy from the sun's rays. The system's inverter converts the DC current to AC, producing a sustainable energy supply for your San Jose home or business.

    5. Can I add solar battery backup to an existing system?
    Yes. Sandbar installs residential and commercial battery backup systems that seamlessly integrate with existing solar panels. We also modify older solar installations so that they're compatible with new battery backup systems.

    6. What is the best way to switch to solar power?
    Avoid the hard sell. Look for a company that provides an experienced energy consultant, offers solid solar solutions and sincere customer care.

    Partner with a solar installer that demonstrates a track record of success. This is your assurance of partnering with a solar company that earns customer trust by respecting their individual energy needs.

    7. Are there additional solar resources that I can explore?

    Yes. These links contain helpful information about making the switch to solar.

    San Jose Clean Energy
    Homeowners Guide to Going Solar
    California Solar Initiative
    Financial Assistance
    Federal Trade Commission