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Solar Panels for Watsonville, CA

Discover effective solar energy solutions for your Watsonville home or business

The City of Watsonville recognizes the role green energy plays in our planet’s future. With solar panels installed on several municipal buildings and more to come, the City is reducing its carbon footprint and holding down energy costs.

As a resident of this forward-thinking community, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy too. We can help. Sandbar Solar & Electric proudly offers our services as one of Watsonville’s leading local solar installers.

Our expertise is backed by more than 150 years of combined solar industry experience. When property owners decide to go solar in Watsonville zip codes 95019, 95076 and 95077, they know they can trust us.

We regularly install solar panels for Watsonville homeowners and businesses. Our client list includes businesses, schools, municipalities, commercial sites, agricultural operations and more.

If you’re thinking about switching to solar, we’re ready to help, starting with a personal, no-obligation consultation.

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Why Go Solar?

Trusted Financing Options

Save With 30% Tax Credit

How Does the Solar Installation Process Work in Watsonville, California?

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For most property owners, a solar panel installation is a first-time experience.

We believe in sharing the details so that you know what to expect.

These four steps outline our solar installation process.

1. On-Site Evaluation and Consultation

We begin with an on-site consultation to get to know you, learn about your goals and needs, and to provide an initial property evaluation.

Our assessment includes your roof’s age, construction and condition. We also confirm your electricity system’s capacity and the configuration of its electrical panel and wiring.

Our Energy Consultant uses this information to develop a custom plan tailored to your property’s energy needs. We draw up our proposal, review it with you, outline your options and answer your questions.

2. Obtaining Permits and Assembling Components

Once we have your go-ahead, we finalize our plans for installing your home’s solar energy system. This step includes preparing and submitting permit drawings and applications to the City’s Building Division.

At the same time, we consolidate the components specific to your solar installation. We procure racking materials, solar panels and inverters.

If your plans include solar battery backup, we take care of it.

3. Custom Solar Panel Installation

As soon as the City completes its permit approval, we schedule your installation so our solar technicians can get to work. Over the next several days, we install your property’s solar panel system with the following steps.

  • Preparing roof and confirming wiring placement
  • Constructing solar panel support racks
  • Positioning and attaching racks to roof
  • Securing solar panels to racking
  • Connecting inverters to solar panels
  • Installing solar battery backup

4. Final Inspection and Activation

When our installation work is complete, the Building Department makes a final on-site inspection. Their approval generates an Inspection Passed certificate, which we forward to the utility company.

The utility company gives their approval and issues a Permission to Operate letter. Now, it’s time to activate your solar panel system. With the flip of a switch, your home or business is powered with affordable, sustainable energy generated by your solar panel installation.

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How to Find the Best Solar Installer in Watsonville, CA

There are numerous solar companies here in Watsonville. As you are quite literally installing a new electricity-generation system on your home, you want to hire the best for your project.

References and reviews are important, but these three factors can help with a final decision.

1. Complete Project Oversight

An established solar provider maintains complete control over the job. From initial planning to system activation, you work with one company.

Partnering with a self-performing contractor like Sandbar Solar & Electric keeps you connected with an in-house team dedicated to your project’s design, construction and installation.

2. Locally Owned and Operated

A locally owned solar company offers a truly personalized customer experience.

They answer their own phones and appreciate you as an individual. They develop solar solutions designed to make your installation fit your energy needs. Sandbar has been proudly serving our Central Coast community since 2004.

3. Trust Based on Transparency

An honest solar contractor in Watsonville supplies more than references. The company provides proof of insurance, licensing and industry certification.

Questions are answered, and concerns are addressed. Throughout the project, your input is welcomed and respected.

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Why Choose Sandbar Solar & Electric in Watsonville?

Our Position as the #1 Solar Provider in Watsonville, CA
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We’re proud of our standing as the preferred solar panel company in Watsonville and across Santa Cruz County. We maintain that position by putting you, the customer, first.

Our teams are committed to delivering the best solar services available, and we operate with complete transparency.

Our work is backed by more than 150 years of combined industry experience. As Santa Cruz County’s proven leader among solar providers, we pledge to ensure your satisfaction and earn your trust.

Custom Installations for Your Home and Business

solar power watsonville homeWe approach each solar installation as a custom project. This allows us to maximize your results based on your property’s energy needs. Our teams also offer additional options, such as battery backup systems, stand-alone generators and commercial operations and maintenance services.

Working with your existing electrical infrastructure, we develop energy-efficient power layouts tailored to your needs. Our teams also design and install solar panel systems for new construction projects.

From start to finish, we focus on customizing the installation process at your home or business.

Solar Panel Financing Options You Can Trust
solar financing

There are several different options available for financing a solar panel installation. Sandbar can help you make a decision that fits your budget and your project.

We offer solid recommendations based on our years of experience in the industry.

For example, many customers qualify for financing through one of the Bay Area’s top solar loan companies. These options cover solar-only projects, solar installations with battery backup and stand-alone battery installations.

We’re glad to share financing details, and we encourage you to discuss them with a trusted financial advisor.

What Customers Say About Us

  • The system Sandbar installed has been up and running for about 8 months. To say that I am pleased with the resulting power bill from our utility company would... read more

    Charles Gjers Avatar Charles Gjers
    July 20, 2017

    We've been running on solar for 3 months now thanks to Sandbar's installation, and everything has worked perfectly. We expected to run into installation delays because of timing (trying... read more

    Linda C Avatar Linda C
    January 17, 2024

    Sandbar paid attention to my concern and met my high standards with regards to aesthetics and safety. My 12/12 steep roof pitch was somewhat challenging for the installation of panels... read more

    Nancy Meyberg Avatar Nancy Meyberg
    December 9, 2022
  • Sandbar recently installed PV panels and battery storage at our house in Santa Cruz and it was a great experience. Our second story roof is steep, so it wasn’t... read more

    John D'Angelo Avatar John D'Angelo
    December 2, 2021

    We had an excellent experience with Sandbar. Our primary contact was with Jarrett McGuckin and he was very responsive and helpful in answering our many questions.

    Cheryl Daniels Avatar Cheryl Daniels
    June 8, 2022

    Sandbar did a fantastic job! My project was completed ahead of time. Communication and appointments were excellent keeping me informed about progress as well as navigating me through understanding my... read more

    Jeri Ross Avatar Jeri Ross
    August 22, 2023
  • We've had an exceptional experience with Sandbar Solar. Jeremy, the sales rep, was professional, knowledgable, personable and ready to answer all of our questions. He spent as much time... read more

    margaret campodonico Avatar margaret campodonico
    April 14, 2023

    I had Sandbar install a 5.3kW solar system on my home in Benicia. I SIMPLY COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED with the outcome of the project. It is... read more

    Gene Stangel Avatar Gene Stangel
    January 23, 2022

    We're now at about the 6 month mark for our new solar installation, and frankly, we couldn't be happier with the results and the work that Sandbar did. When... read more

    calrideryt Avatar calrideryt
    October 17, 2023

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     Solar FAQs

    Q: How much do solar panels cost in Watsonville?
    A: The cost of a solar panel project depends on several factors, including the size and condition of your roof, the condition of your main electric panel, and the size of the system you want & need. The type of panels you choose also affects final costs. We advise you on the best panels for your solar installation, based on their dollar-per-watt valuation.

    Q: Will I still get an electric bill after going solar?
    A: Yes. However, the charges will be significantly lower than what you're currently paying for electricity. The utility company charges a monthly fee for grid connection, but the amount for this grid-connection is small, averaging between $10 and $20 each billing cycle. If you use more electricity than your solar energy system produces (on an annual basis), you will be charged standard rates from the utility for this excess energy. The utility will send you a monthly “True-Up Statement” once you go solar so you can track your net energy consumption.

    Q: Are there solar incentives available to homeowners in Watsonville, CA?
    A: Yes. You can take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit on your solar panel investment. A battery backup system can save even more through California's Self-Generation Incentive Program.

    Q: How do solar panels convert the sun's energy?
    A: As the panels in a rooftop solar array absorb energy from sunlight, they produce DC electricity. The DC current is converted to AC current through an inverter, generating the renewable energy that powers your home or business.

    Q: Can my existing solar power system be modified with battery backup?
    A: Yes. We install battery backup systems for residential and commercial customers. Most of these installations integrate with existing systems, but we can modify older systems so that they're compatible with solar battery backups.

    Q: What is the easiest way to make the switch to solar?
    A: Work with an established solar company that earns your trust. You want a solar contractor who answers your questions and offers options without a hard sell. It's easier to switch to solar with a professional team that customizes your project and respects your budget.

    Q: Can you share helpful resources I can look at?

    Homeowners Guide to Going Solar

    California Solar Initiative

    Financial Assistance

    Federal Trade Commission